Get to your place in space

Experiencing the constraints of launch, Atomos’ co-founding team started Atomos with the vision to make any orbit as accessible as LEO.

Atomos Space is building the future of orbital logistics, providing “last mile” transportation services for satellite operators. Our orbital transfer vehicles (OTVs) change the rocket equation – enabling impossible missions, providing unprecedented maneuverability, maintaining a sustainable orbital environment, and reducing the

cost for satellite operators to get to their place in space.

Underpinning Atomos’ service offerings are the technology pillars of the future in-space economy – ubiquitous and scalable spacecraft rendezvous capabilities, and break-through in-space propulsion.

Our Team

Vanessa Clark
William Kowalski
Scott Piggott
Chief Engineer
Sandy Pitzak
Sr. Staff Engineer, Systems | Mission Lead
Nathan Young
Sr. Engineer, Electrical
Will Kay
Sr. Staff Engineer, Electrical | Avionics Team Lead
Dave Hodge
Sr. Engineer, Mechanical | Mechanical Team Lead
Kieran Wilson
Sr. Engineer, GN&C
Meredith Roberts
Engineer, Propulsion
Chad Smith
Engineer, Mechanical
Lucas Beveridge
Sr. Engineer, Nuclear
Keith Rausch
Sr. Engineer, Software & Machine Vision
Isabella Katzman
Engineer, Systems | Program Coordinator
Nick Webb
Engineer, Systems
Christine Andrews
Executive Coordinator
Shirley Shah
Intern, Systems Engineer
Michael Lee
Intern, Electrical Engineer
James Perkins
Intern, Systems Engineer
Sam Piper
Intern, Nuclear
Jacob Kraft
Intern, Mechanical Engineer
Cody Knight
Intern, Mechanical Engineer


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