Get to your place in space


LEO transportation and deployment
Launching 2023
3U to 400kg
For cubesats to small sats, Atomos’ space-resident OTVs provide launch dispersion trimming, orbit raising, phasing, LTAN/RAAN modification, and inclination change services.
Advanced transportation and deployment
Launching 2023
50kg and up
Atomos’ OTVs work with tomorrow’s launches such as the New Glenn, Falcon Heavy, and Starship. These launchers ferry heavy payloads to LEO, maximizing launch payload mass rather than final orbital altitude – an optimal use of high-thrust rockets. Atomos’ OTVs transfer the payloads to their destination orbit. This dual-architecture provides launch cost savings up to 50%. MEO, GEO, cislunar space, and beyond are as attainable as LEO – without expensive, bespoke onboard propulsion systems or months wasted orbit-raising.
Launching mid-2020s
most satellites
With ubiquitous rendezvous and capture, Atomos’ OTVs are compatible with the majority of active satellites, able to provide recovery, relocation, disposal, and life extension services.
Deliver and resupply
Launching mid-2020s
pressurized and unpressurized cargo
The future space economy needs a robust logistics chain to resupply and replenish commercial space stations, orbital platforms, refueling tankers, in-space manufacturing, and satellite repair services.
Launching 2023
most satellites
Troubleshoot or investigate with inspection services in high-definition visible and infrared.


Ubiquitous rendezvous and capture
Our OTVs can safely rendezvous with and securely capture the majority of satellites in the majority of orbits, under any lighting condition.
Breakthrough in-space power and propulsion
Ammonia-based propulsion paired with lightweight power systems allows our OTVs to move at chemical-propulsion speed with electric-propulsion efficiency.